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[26 Nov 2011|12:53am]

I am not an avid runner, but I have done a half marathon before in 2008. I am thinking about starting to train next week to do a half marathon on March 31st. Is that enough time?
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[29 Jan 2011|04:59pm]

Anybody doing Los Angeles in March?
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My First Marathon [25 Jan 2011|04:28am]

I have officially registered for my first marathon, the Portland Marathon.  Any advice?
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Move the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon Back to a Sunday in March-Immediate Action Needed [04 Jun 2009|06:07pm]

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Sign the petition
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[03 May 2009|06:30pm]

The Cincinatti Marathon changed their name to "The Swine Flu Marathon" this year...
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[10 Apr 2009|08:14am]

I'm hoping to find a race sometime the weekend of April 18/19. A half marathon would be ideal, but I would be open to other distances. I live in Southern Oregon so around there would be nice as well.

Do you have a website you go to to find an event, or do you know of anything that meets my criteria?
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Biggest Loser 'Marathon' runner a cheater... [26 Feb 2009|10:01am]

I've been keeping tabs on this story since it first surfaced shortly after the AZ Desert Classic Marathon... turns out one of the CURRENT contestants on NBC's the Biggest Loser *CHEATED* (along with his wife) by, get this, jumping in a vehicle and riding for an undetermined amount of miles...

Read all about it here: http://blogs.kansascity.com/tvbarn/2009/02/the-biggest-los.html

Shocking and shameful for all parties involved.
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New Jersey Marathon [03 Dec 2008|12:24pm]

I"m planning on running the New Jersey marathon in the spring.  They say it's a fast, flat course.  Has anyone run it before?  I ran my first marathon a little over a month ago and am ready to do another with one of my cross country teammates.
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steamtown marathon [13 Oct 2008|09:14am]

I ran a personal best of 3:53 yesterday
read all about it
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Ultra Nervous [09 Sep 2008|12:55pm]

Greetings marathoners!

I'm tackling my first ultra (52.4 miles) this weekend, and just thought I would put out a call for any advice, words of wisdom, or perhaps even bits of encouragement /  reminders of insanity ?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hurray! [31 Aug 2008|04:18pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

So this morning, as planned, I ran Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon, what wasn't planned was running a PR by over 10 minutes and coming 2nd over all!!! Now, sure, the feild was small and no one was taking the race all that seriously, but never the less, I'm pretty stoked! My time was 3:37:47, prior to that my fastest marathon was 3:48: 09.

I'd give you the full on report but to be honest, I was up at 4:15am this morning, so right now all I feel like is a beer and a nap... maybe latter ;-)

Hope you all had good (long) weekend running!

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[08 Aug 2008|05:54am]

I'm training for a marathon and hoping to qualify; I've also started weight lifting this year and this result is that I'm several pounds heavier.  Yeah, most of it is muscle, which I don't want to lose.  But I'm curious as to how hard it is to lose weight during marathon training.  Has anybody done this?  I'm talking about the last 5-10lbs to get my body fat lower, not dropping any muscle.  I know how dieting SHOULD be done but I'm interested in personal experience.  How clean did you actually have to eat?  Did you track cals and always have a deficiency?  What were your macro ratio?  How hungry did you feel throughout the day?

Actually, I'm interested in what most people do in general.  And for those running high mileage - do you have any idea of cal intake (curiosity).

I've started tracking cals, eating in deficiency most days and do around 45/25/30(c/p/f) and always at least 1g protein/body pound.  I had been hoping that just being active would naturally cause me to lose some weight, but since it hasn't worked (gave it several months) I thought I would try being more "active" in the process. 

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[05 Aug 2008|09:32am]

[ mood | good ]

Hi all,

Just in case you missed it, the newest "Rock 'n' Roll" brand marathon has been announced, it'll be the SeaFair Marathon in Seattle on 6/27/09... as part of their promotion of the event, they are offering half price registration, for both the marathon and the half, today until midnight (Pacific Time). After midnight prices soar to $95 for the marathon and $80 for the half (what ever happened to early bird prices?).

Find it here: www.rnrseattle.com

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& seattle_runners

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Boston Marathon Question [21 Jul 2008|11:04am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone, I haven't posted here in a long time, but i'm finally get back into running again.   The ultimate goal is the Boston Marathon. Has anyone run it and what is the pace you used to train for it and what pace did you run the qualify race at?
Right now i'm slowly building back up to what i use to run, 90 miles per week every week, i'm at about 15 miles per week at a 6:20 pace and slowly increasing the distance with every run.  I'm finally back to the point after 2 miles all i want to do is just keep running.  

But I'm going to start rambling on, just curious about the Boston marathon pace and times and what not.  


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Question [09 Jul 2008|04:33pm]

Hi!  I am new to this community.  I am going to be running the NYC marathon in November through a charity called Team for Kids.  In order to run we must raise $2500.  Do you know any good ways to do so?   Has anybody done a marathon through a charity? Thanks!

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Midwestern marathoners [05 Jul 2008|08:28pm]

Though I've spent the last few years in Boston, I'm returning to my Midwestern roots this fall for the Lakefront marathon in Milwaukee, WI on October 5th. I actually grew up along the course, but it's been years since I've run in Wisconsin and I've never raced there. Is anyone else training for Milwaukee? (Or, more specifically, have any experience with the course?) I'm admittedly excited to have my parents as a cheering section for the first time.
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My Marathon Schedule Revised - Good/Bad/Whatever Idea? [04 Jul 2008|01:49pm]

Okay, so as some of you already know I went through nearly 11 weeks of an 18 month training program for my first marathon, and then I got bit by a strained right calf.

Here's what's what: I'm running again, not at full speed, but I can do long distances again. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to run 14 miles this Sunday before doing my 20 miles next Sunday, and then doing the taper. I'm thinking I'll go out and do the 14 miler and see what happens, and then if I can sustain 20, I'll attempt the marathon on August 3rd, given that nothing snaps or breaks in between.

But I'm wondering if I'm being realistic with all the time I've missed. During the week I've been pounding the exercycle and doing short run/walks. Here's the long runs I've missed and shortened:

June 15th: 4 Miles of a 16 mile run, interrupted by my injury
June 22nd: Planned 12 mile day. Ran 6 miles and hit the exercycle for 2 hours.
June 29th: Planned 18 mile day. Ran 5 miles and cross trained for a few hours.

I've also been thinking of possibly extending my 14 miles into 16, just for kicks. What I'd like to know is...

... Am I being realistic? Can I really get back into this schedule after losing this much long run time? Am I pushing myself too hard? Or...

...am I being too pessimistic in considering the idea that I can't hack it, and that it's fine for me to see if I can't manage it and still get back into the race. Or...

...I should just try it and play it by ear. Who knows if I can get it done?

Just like to bounce this plan off of y'all and see what you think.
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Thought these were cute... [03 Jul 2008|05:59pm]

Try Running 26.2 Miles in This
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Portland Marathon: earphones welcome [22 Jun 2008|12:59pm]


The Portland [Oregon] Marathon WILL be MP3-player friendly this year. Old news to anyone that already registered but new to me, so I thought I should pass it along.

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